Warmth for Pain Relief in labour

Warmth for pain relief in labour

Heat packs, hot water bottles, water immersion, shower, all provide warmth valuable for pain relief in labour and birth. Warmth can be provided in a number of ways to provide the benefits of drug free pain relief. In the same way a heat pack and doona can help with period pain, these same tools will often provide the same comfort and reduction in pain through use in labour. The use of familiar essential oils can also assist in providing familiarity and endorphin release. Always check with your hospital/birth centre (when birthing in these settings) to see what they provide as far as warmth. Take a tour also to find out where the microwaves/kitchens are for ongoing heat up.

bath warmth for pain relief in labour


  • Easy to use
  • Directed by mother
  • Use of other tools in partnership (oils, water, massage)

hot water for warmth for pain relief in labour


  • Burns
  • Only warm for a certain period of time
  • Time to heat up
  • Support out of room while heating up
  • Warm water immersion facilities availability
  • Shower set up and privacy
  • Restrictions on warmth items ie hot water bottles?

warmth for pain relief in labour

Wanting to look at other non pharmacological options for pain relief? Check out other articles on the blog here, including water and acupressure.

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