Mindful Birthing Antenatal Class- 1 day birth course

Mindful Birthing - Mind, Body and Partner

Join Betty and Charlotte/Steph for a fun filled antenatal class where mindfulness, motherhood, prenatal yoga and research meet.  

Our Mindful Birthing Antenatal Classes offer a 1 day workshop designed in 3 sections to help ease your mind and prepare you and your partner mentally and physically for an AWESOME birth day

We are located in the Brisbane West and Ipswich area.

The day offers a complete education for a mindful birth, taught by a midwife, birth educator and mum with a 1 hour prenatal yoga session at the end. Dad goes off to the pub for a beer and to learn how to support mum best during labour.

Do you feel calm and confident about your babies birth?

Do you feel prepared and able to make informed choices?


Do you feel scared? Worried? The words complications, distress and pain keep coming up over and over?

Create a positive birth experience for everyone involved. You, your partner and your baby.  An experience where you have made every choice, every step of the way, an experience, where you are calm and in control.

When? Where? What?

Our Mindful Birthing Antenatal Classes are run in Bellbowrie and Jimboomba.

Classes are capped to small numbers so booking in early is recommended.

Courses are run from 10am-5pm at Bellbowrie and 9am – 5pm at Jimboomba on the following dates.

January 13th Jimboomba

January 27th Bellbowrie

February 10th Jimboomba

March 9th Jimboomba & March

April 6th Bellbowrie

April 27th Jimboomba

May 18th Bellbowrie

May 25th Jimboomba

Jine 22nd Jimboomba

You will receive tea and coffee throughout the day.  Beer at the end and a goody bag including handouts.

antenatal class

Mindful Birthing - What you'll learn

Mindset for Birth and the importance of relaxation.

Biology of Labour and Birth.

Relaxation tools and techniques.

Active birth techniques – Rebozo, accupressure, massage, etc.

Positions for labour and birth.

Mums will then do 1 hour of prenatal and restorative yoga with Mikeala.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a beer at the pub with Charlotte for everyone else.

We chat about your role as a birth partner.

How to assist with relaxtion, active birth, positions.

What to say and what not to say, and what to say when youre told to “shut up!”.