Hi, I'm Charlotte

I am a mum, a midwife of 11 years now working in private practice, a certified International HypnoBirthing® (The Mongan Method) educator, a birth teacher, and I’m passionate about birthing mothers.

My goal is to offer all women, everywhere, access to in-depth evidence based birth education during their pregnancy and gold standard midwifery care.

To understand that there are other ways to birth, free from fear and horror stories. 

To know that you too can have a calm birth  – whether in a hospital or at home, an elective c-section, induction or drug free. 

All mums, all births, and all families deserve birth education and a midwife who understands and cares about their needs.

I have worked in a number of hospitals in Brisbane and Interstate, that all have very different approaches to care for women, however, the remaining constant between all of these hospitals was their lack of time and staff.

Women are having shorter antenatal appointments, less prenatal education and the same can be said for their postnatal period. With Australian hospital stays decreasing, you are getting less education in hospital that your not retaining, remembering or absorbing as it is too early!

Childbirth Education is one of the most important decisions you make.
Having seen the current lack of education, I made the decision to hire a private midwife for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Longer appointments, emotional support and in home care postpartum were just some of the benefits of this care for my family.
antenatal classes

Our Classes and Services

Benefiting Birth and Beyond are passionate about teaching all women how to have an educated birth, so naturally, we have a range of classes to suit all families and all budgets. Since 2023, I have moved into Private Practice offering women the opportunity to have my ongoing care and support one to one care during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. Having walked my three pregnancies with a known midwife by my side, I know that the impact of a knowing your midwife, especially at birth, whether birthing in hospital or home is beneficial for mothers and her supports.

We are located in the Brisbane’s West and Ipswich area.  However, we also offer antenatal classes to anyone online via ZOOM and online downloads.

Our classes include an intensive HypnoBirthing class taught over 4/5 weeks, as well as a 1 day Mindful Birthing class which includes birth education and prenatal yoga afterwards.  In addition we also run elective c-section classes, online birth classes, and postnatal classes as well as many more.

All classes cover the emotional and physical changes to families during this new and exciting time.

Midwifery Services include antenatal and postnatal care or full continuum including birth care/support dependent on birth location. If you want to read more about this service, get in contact to discuss your personal needs.


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