Congratulations You're Pregnant! ...Now what?

Childbirth Education is Power!

What education did you do for your job?

How much research did you do for your Wedding?

Now consider your pregnancy…birth

What have you done to ensure you are in control and being heard?

How are you ensuring you are able to make informed choice and have a calm and confident experience?

birth of baby

I offer Antenatal Classes
...the way you want!

Are you expecting your first baby and scared of a natural birth or excited but worried about the unknown?

Are you expecting your second (or fourth…you get the picture) child and have a previous traumatic experience or simply want a better birth?

I offer insightful, fun and interactive classes that work in best with you. I offer MORE than the hospital, ensuring you are completely mentally and physically prepared.

The best bit? I’m a working midwife (currently completing my masters) and a mother of 3, so you know you are receiving the BEST education.

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Upcoming Events

A 5 week course aimed at preparing yourself and your birth supports for an awesome and empowered birth. Set out over a few weeks to allow you to absorb everything you need to understand your body, mentally prepare and practice everything you need for a confident and informed pregnancy and birth.

Midwife meets Yoga, creating a fabulous 1 day antenatal program covering everything the hospital doesn’t teach you to have the best possible pregnancy and birth. Learn about your body and the importance of being relaxed, active birth and a beautiful yoga session at the end when your partner can ask all the questions they don’t want to ask in front of you.

Have an empowered and positive C Section birth with our face to face or online workshop.

Debbie from Debbie’s Learn to Swim is coming to chat about pool safety and introducing your little one to the water.

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Gold Seal HypnoBirthing International Practitioner