Do you feel confident about your childbirth? ...or shit scared?

What did you do to ensure you could perform your job?

How much research did you do for your Wedding?

Now consider your pregnancy…birth

What have you done to prepare?

I offer education to suit your families needs and fit in with your life, whether it is a comprehensive 5 week course or an all in one day offer. Covering the mental and emotional, as well as physical aspects of pregnancy, birth and postnatal.

Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing, Birth Preparation

I offer Antenatal Classes
...from experience

I’m a midwife of 10 years. I have worked in large high risk hospitals and smaller hospitals, I have worked in private and public and I have worked interstate.
During this time I have had my own 3 children and continue to juggle the motherhood, work, school craziness. The births of my three boys, while similar were very different to me because of the attitude I had walking into their birth…
HypnoBirthing, childbirth

Upcoming Childbirth Events

A 5 week course aimed at preparing yourself and your birth supports for an awesome and empowered birth. Set out over a few weeks to allow you to absorb everything you need to understand your body, mentally prepare and practice everything you need for a confident and informed pregnancy and birth.

Midwife meets Yogi, creating a fabulous 1 day antenatal program covering everything the hospital doesn’t teach you to have the best possible pregnancy and birth. Learn about your body and the importance of being relaxed, active birth and a beautiful yoga session at the end when your partner can ask all the questions they don’t want to ask in front of you.

Support your Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and Motherhood Journey.

  • Essential Oils – Clary Sage and Personalised Blends
  • Tea for Motherhood and Pregnancy
  • Cloth Nappies
  • Online Downloads and Resources
  • PLUS much more…
amazing birth, birth preparation, cesarean birth education

“When I found out I had placenta previa and vasa praevia, Charlotte was happy to change our scheduled natural birth one-on-one HypnoBirthing classes to cesarean focused classes. She even formed the content of the classes to things I definitely wanted to cover and know more about.

 The information was comprehensive and also included a book, workbook and audio. Charlotte is a teacher you can trust, informative with her years of midwifery experience, always organised and on time, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her HypnoBirthing, birth planning and cesarean birthing classes to others.”

” I would recommend any expecting mums and dads to do HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method classes with Charlotte. The program can really help mums and dads become informed about their birthing choices and prepare them to have a calm and empowered birth. The relaxation techniques taught by Charlotte can really help to have a calm relaxed pregnancy not just the birth, while bonding with your partner. Adjusting to parenthood is a major change and Charlotte can help with providing postnatal support and education as well, when you really need it.”


HypnoBirthing Family,awesome birth, birth preparation
childbirth, hypnobirthing, mindful birthing
hypnobirthing brisbane and ipswich, childbirth, mindful birthing
Gold Seal HypnoBirthing Practitioner
hypnobirthing, mindful birthing, ipswich, brisbane, childbirth
Hypnobirthing ipswich and brisbane, mindful birthing, childbirth
hypnobirthing, mindful birthing, childbirth, ipswich, brisbane