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“Taking the birthing world by calm” Mickey Mongan

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Morning Tea and Walking Group for Mums and Mums to be
 April 24th 9am Wed Booker Place Park



Free Birth Prep Info Session

May 2nd 7pm Thurs Address on booking


Upcoming ChildBirth Education Events!

FREE Birth Preparation Info Session

May 2nd 7pm Thursday

Location: Bellbowrie

Why is Birth Prep Important?

What is the right Birth Preparation for me and my family?

What are my options for preparing for Birth?

Answer these questions and more. Learn my top 5 tips for navigating the maternity system and getting the most out of it.

Goody Bags, prize draw and snacks available on the evening.

Have the opportunity to chat to midwife, mum and educator Charlotte about how you can be in control of your labour and birth.

Education is power

Education is one of our basic rights in the western and first world countries and something that is so highly prized worldwide. In Australia whether in school, at uni or at TAFE we are surrounded by education, in most jobs we have to continually update, learn, stay in tune with what is going on and current research, constantly continuing and increasing our knowledge.

Consider our basic knowledge base from school, maths, science, English, what would we do without these? Following that, consider what education you have done for your job, whether, uni, TAFE or induction day, without it, how would you have adjusted? 

Now consider your pregnancy…

Consider your birth…

Consider your postnatal journey with your new baby…

Firstly did you get informed prior to falling pregnant?

Following your initial pregnancy excitement. Do you know about the biology involved with pregnancy, childbirth and healthy postpartum? Surely most people know about symptoms? Almost everyone has an opinion on improving your pregnancy and birth for yourself and your baby?

Have you educated yourself about birth? What is happening in your body when you birth a baby?

Besides what can assist or hinder your birthing?

How much research have you done into your pregnancy and birth care provider? Their attitude and beliefs around normal birth? The place you will be birthing and what is available?

What is Childbirth Education?


Without a basic education in school, you would not have been able to enter high school. Not having the education you did for your job, you would have had to wing it, fail miserably or worse.

So why do we so often rely on the advice of friends for pregnancy education? A 1 day hospital childbirth education program to tell us about birthing? Or rely on the words written in 1 maybe 2 books to tell us what having a baby is like?

How much research have you put into baby products? 

Is it the same amount as your care and how to achieve a beautiful experience? Education is an essential aspect of getting the best result so do you really want to face this most important life change without as much information as possible.

If you were told by a doctor you needed your leg amputated, would you get a second opinion? Would you research other options? Would you look into the doctor’s stats and history?

All before making a decision?

Have you approached your pregnancy/birth/postpartum in the same way?

 Be informed, be powerful, be the boss of your journey!

Mission Statement:

I work with women and families providing an individualized and holistic approach to Childbirth education services for families during the pregnancy, birth and post birth period. I want all parents to feel completely prepared for their childbearing and childrearing journey. I encourage them to question, to discuss and to become immersed in this journey. I inspire them to remember how powerful they are whether they are carrying and birthing this baby or supporting and advocating for their loved one.

I give families options to allow them to achieve this power and complete sense of control in a way that suits them, as I know everyone is an individual and every family is unique. I offer education that is uniqeuely catered to each individual, making it relelvent and interesting.

I want every family to leave excited not only about their birth but the future they envision with their child.


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