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Have you previously had a Cesarean? Are you likely to have a Cesarean Birth for your current pregnancy?

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“Taking the birthing world by calm” Mickey Mongan

Special Events 

Free Birth Prepartion Info Session

July 15th 7pm – 8.30pm Thursday

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Education is power! Childbirth Education is Power!

Consider your basic knowledge, maths, science, English, what would we do without these? What education have you done for work, uni? TAFE ? Induction/Orientation days. Without these, how would you have adjusted? 

Now consider your pregnancy…

Consider your birth…

Consider your postnatal journey with your new baby…

What education have you done to feel powerful about your babies birth?

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What is Childbirth Education?

The birth of your children are the most memorable memories of your life!

So what have you done to prepare for your babies birth?

Childbirth Education is an essential aspect of being in the driving force in your birth.

Childbirth Education is the difference between a strong, calm and transformational birth. It could be the difference between a traumatic birth, a birth you question, or a birth you have doubts about.

So what kind of birth do you want?

What kind of birth do you deserve? What kind of birth does your baby deserve?

 Be informed, be powerful, birth your baby with confidence.

Upcoming ChildBirth Education Events!

HypnoBirthing 5 Week Course

July 20th 9.30am Saturday

Cesarean Workshop
24th August
Antenatal Workshop
July 6th

HypnoBirthing 5 Week Course

21st September 9.30am Saturday

Mission Statement:

I work with women and families providing a holistic approach to Childbirth education. My goal is that all parents can feel completely prepared and responsible for their individual pregnancy and birth journey. That every parent feels comfortable questioning and discussing their options with care providers. I support and educate the whole birthing group, mother, partner and birth team in the manner that suits them best, to achieve the best possible result.


Every woman deserves to leave her birth feeling like she is superwoman and every baby deserves a gentle and protected entrance to the world. In this way building stronger mothers, stronger babies and stronger families.


about me

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