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Online Antenatal Class

Antenatal Class Ipswich Online Childbirth Education

Self Paced Birth Classes Online

Complete our Online Antenatal Class in one day or over a few weeks.  The choice is yours with this self paced course.

Re-watch videos, download notes and read and re-read booklets for later reference.  Utilise all our cheat sheets and gain access to audio relaxation downloads.

Our past students of Online Antenatal classes have found this class valuable because you can do the class with your birth support partner even if you work shift hours, have other kids at home or can’t allocate the same time each week.



What’s included in Online Antenatal Classes:

  • 13 hours of classes and videos
  • 5 helpful workbooks to download and refer back to
  • 4 audio relaxations which can be used in birth/birthing suite.
  • 2 cheat sheet notes for birth preparation.
  • Classes are run by a registered midwife, HypnoBirthing educator and mum.
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can use this course for baby no.1, 2, 3 and more!
Over $500 worth of class resources and value included:
Acupressure, self paced online education

We’ve listed out some of the benefits of taking a Birth Classes below.

  • Parents feel in control and empowered with their choices during labour and birth.
  • Parents are excited for birth, rather than fearful.
  • Parents are informed, educated and able to ask questions.
  • Partners are confdent in their role during birth, ready to advocate for, and support mum.
  • Mother is more relaxed, decreasing pain,and length of labour. Allowing Oxytocin to flow.
  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia (pain relief) and epidural.
  • Happier and content mothers and babies – less cases of post natal depression.

Families who take our Online Antenatal Class

You want to feel prepared and ready for birth…but you are:

  • Stuck for time
  • You don’t have classes locally
  • Support Partner or Birth team can’t attend
  • You want something different from the hospital classes
  • Your not sure what you need…or how to prepare
  • Limited funds and want to make sure that what you spend is worth while
  • You have already been to birth classes with another child but may feel like you need a refresher.
This online self-paced childbirth education course is the perfect solution for your family.

We also offer online Postnatal classes for families once baby is born.

These classes prepare mums, dads, partners and family members for ‘what to expect’ in the first 6 weeks post birth.  Recovery for mum, breasfeeding, sleeping, and life adjustments.