Sophie’s Birth

My surges started early in the afternoon, we decided early on to take our eldest child to her allocated child carer for “the day” quite early on. Our previous birth had not taken long so we wanted to be prepared for a potential repeat. We made our way into the hospital later that night where they “insisted” on an internal. I had decided as part of my birth preparation that this was not something I was interested in nor something I wanted as part of my labour. I declined and was informed that to be admitted to birth suite I would have to submit. I sent Charlotte a message to ask her opinion and hear her thoughts, she sent a very detailed message back of the questions to ask, different aspects to consider and reminded me of my BRAINS. I again declined and we decided to stay on the grounds as I knew baby was arriving tonight.

On our second presentation to the assessment unit not long after, they reluctantly agreed to let me go through to birth suite without an internal assessment. The poor staff didn’t know what to do as I listened to my rainbow relaxation, maintained my breathing techniques and used my instant relaxation techniques to stay calm, relaxed and maintain my progress. I’m not sure they believed I was having a baby. It was not long before I felt my breathing change to Birth Breathing assisting bubs progression down and into my arms.

We delivered Sophie at 3.49am 2 August at a beautifully healthy 4.1kg, a birth we had not only hoped for but planned for. While our previous birth had involved lots of little deviations that had resulted in a birth we didn’t feel we had made all the decisions for, this birth I felt was mine. I made every decision and I delivered my baby, with my birth team, in the way I wanted by the means I wanted. Not only did I feel empowered, I felt and still feel strong and confident.

I do believe that the Hypnobirthing was the best for our baby as her first moments on the planet she was so alert and very happy l. I think the oxygen she received defiantly aided this. She is still a very happy and alert little one.

Andy (Mum of Sophie)

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