Cesarean Sections – Getting educated on your best birth

Cesarean Birth
Cesarean Birth

Cesarean Education? Whats the point?

When I had my children, I was already a midwife, I had seen Cesarean Sections and I had seen a myriad of vaginal births. I was concerned about having a Cesarean, but not overly so, I accepted that if it was required I would just have it done to me and that would be that.

I didn’t require a Cesarean Section for my first child

Fast forward 4 years and I was pregnant with my third and I was terrified at the prospect of a Cesarean birth. Ok, sure the chances were pretty slim I would need one, I had two previous straight forward births behind me but I was more worried at the prospect of it than I had for my first. I had more knowledge, I had many more years as a midwife and I knew about my options for birth as a woman.

I went on to have a very straight forward birth, but I couldn’t help but think that the fear I had felt was common for many women who required a Cesarean out of necessity. Some women elected to have a Cesarean birth, making the choice they feel was right for them.

But what did they have in the way of alleviating thier fear of birth?

Education options without all the additional and unnecessary labour preparation?

where is the Specialised Cesarean Education?
What are the chances of achieving a positive Cesarean Section?

Do they even know they have options?

Where are the birth preferences for a Cesarean Birth?

As a midwife and mother, I had every opportunity with my births to attend childbirth education, to ask questions, to tour the birth suite/birth centre rooms.

None of this is available for families having an elective Cesarean Birth.

Most families are not even aware that options are available, they have the right to know what the day is going to look like when their baby makes its entrance. Birth preferences should be a part of every birth preparation whether vaginal or belly and will contribute to a Positive Cesarean Section experience.

Cesarean Section
Cesarean Section

SO what is the answer?

How does one achieve an empowered Positive Cesarean Section?

Cesarean Education, Cesarean Workshops, whatever you want to call it!

I meet so many mothers in my line of work looking for an empowering birth, an awesome birth, but when they are told they are having a cesarean, they feel this is the end of that dream. It doesn’t have to be!

In the same way that being educated, having tools at your disposal and being in tune with your body helps a woman feel supported and empowered in preparing for a vaginal birth, the same can be said for a Cesarean Birth.

A Cesarean Workshop is Cesarean Education.

Meeting Baby
Meeting Baby

It is a 1 day comprehensive, individualized antenatal program designed to prepare mothers and their birth partners for a gentle, Positive Cesarean Section. Preparing parents for what the day will look like, what to expect and how it will play out, removing the fear surrounding the unexpected. While a theatre tour is not an option, being aware of what is going to happen, who you are going to meet and all the procedures you will encounter. Your birthing companion being aware of this means they are also less worried, less scared.

Its amazing how much mothers feed off the feelings of their birthing partner.

You also have the opportunity to learn tools and techniques to allow for a more relaxed and calm Cesarean Section. Why the heck is that important?
Happy Mother
Happy Mother

Consider your arm after you have a needle…if you remain tense when it is done…how long does it take to heal? Now consider that healing process when you are relaxed…

The same is true for a Cesarean Section, the more relaxed you are the easier, the gentler the procedure, the easier the procedure, the easier the recovery process. An easier recovery means a better recovery, easier feeding of baby, more family time, more bonding, less chance of postnatal depression, and better mental health all round for the whole family.

Do you know your birth options for a positive Cesarean Section?

What are the risks and benefits of an epidural versus a general? Do you know about delayed cord clamping? Skin to skin? Vaginal Seeding?

You have options!

You still should have birth preferences and you are well within your rights to have them considered, respected and honoured provided the situation is safe.

A 1 day Cesarean Education Workshop encompasses:

Belly Birhting Baby
Belly Birthing Baby
  • Mental preparation for mum and birth companion
  • Physical preparation to ensure as healthy a mum and bub as possible for the day of birth
  • Education
  • Birth Companion preparation
  • Relaxation – a more relaxed mum means a more relaxed baby 😊

Regardless of how you wish to birth, regardless of how you have to birth, birth is birth.

It is important, it is sacred, it is once in a lifetime for you and your baby.

You should feel empowered, relaxed and calm, this moment is about you, and your families transition into a new chapter.

Cesarean Workshop Dates and Details Here!

Our Online Workshop is also coming soon!

Cesarean Birth
Cesarean Birth

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