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I am a mum, a midwife, a certified HypnoBirthing® International (The Mongan Methodeducator and passionate about women and their families.  I have worked within a number of hospitals in Brisbane and Interstate with very different approaches to care for women, however, the remaining constant between all of these hospitals was their lack of time and staff.
Women are having shorter antenatal appointments, less prenatal education and the same can be said for their postnatal period. With Australian hospital stays decreasing, you are getting less education in hospital that your not retaining, remembering or absorbing as it is too early!

Childbirth Education is one of the most important decisions you make. Labour is not the time for lengthy discussions or questions about risks and benefits. The haze of those first few hours is not the time to be preparing for your baby. So how prepared do you want to be for birth and baby? Do you want to feel empowered or scared? In tune with your baby and body or lost and confused?

My Birth Experiences

I have three children myself, three beautiful boys who bring craziness and love to my every day and it is the vast differences in my experience of their births that led me to becoming a HypnoBirth Educator. While my first two births were quite similar in many regards on paper, my second birth should have been a piece of cake, my feelings and how I coped and felt as a mum was a very different story.
My first son’s birth, I felt prepared, I felt at ease, I was not chomping at the bit for him to be born, I was completely at peace with my pregnancy and enjoying the journey. When I went into labour, I knew who would be there, I was unsure how my partner would cope and when he did exactly as I needed him to, even when I didn’t know what I wanted, I was able to focus, calm and cruise through his birth.
My second sons birth, however, involved so many variables about who would be there, who would look after my eldest child, when would this baby finally get here??!?! When I did go into labour although relieved and excited, my head was a flurry of all the wrong activity, I struggled to become focused and felt much more pain, anxiety and fear.
I had always known that women needed to find a good head space from my work as a midwife in birthing suites, but after my second birth I realised it is not as simple as knowing what to expect and what you need to do. Hence the HypnoBirthing and Education journey began.
I have since had my third baby, Murphy, a beautiful hypno-home-water birth. Read about it below.
It is this birth that was proof to me of the power of preparation, mentally and physically for your perfect birthing experience.
Read more about my birth experiences in current and upcoming blog posts.

Providing individualized evidence based pregnancy, birth and postnatal information for women and their families in the format they want and need now.


I want all women to know how powerful they are, that they are in control of their experience and informed consent is their right.


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