Benefiting Birth and Beyond Pty Ltd ACN 625 283 534 – PRIVACY POLICY This Privacy Policy sets out my commitment to protecting the privacy of your personal information when collected through my website or directly from you. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. By providing your personal information, this indicates that you have had enough opportunity to access this Privacy Policy and that you have read and accepted it. If you do not wish to provide personal information, you are not required to do so, however it may affect how the site provides information for your specific needs.
  1.     Type of personal information collected
The type of personal information I collect include:
  • contact details (email, phone number, address and name) – to provide follow up, provide services, opt in to email subscription
  • Specific information – due date, care provider, birth details when receiving services
  • Opinion/feedback – through voluntary survey participation
  • Anonymous use of the website is noted and utilised in marketing analysis and planning
  • I do not participate in the sale of personal information in ANY form
If I receive your personal information from a third party, I will protect it as set out in this Privacy Policy.
  1.     Collection and use of personal information
I collect and use the personal information for purposes including:
  • contact and communicate with you
  • provide you with news and updates
  • internal record keeping – when you become a client
  • marketing research – to continue to improve
Information is only collected with your consent and participation and you will always be able to opt out or decline to participate. Only information that is required legally or required to provide you with the desired service or you wish to disclose will be collected. Information will be collected via:
  • opt in form – email news and updates
  • contact form – further communication
  • Booking form – when becoming a client
  1.     Disclosure of personal information
Sensitive information is required for appropriate service provision; however, I understand that this is sensitive. For this reason, anything sensitive in nature will only be collected via phone, email or in person. Why do I need this? To provide you with the most appropriate and respectful service possible. To allow you to get the most from this experience and my expertise. You are entitled to not provide any sensitive information if you wish, however, this will affect the provision and quality of you service experience. Sensitive Information I may require:
  • Medical history
  • Pregnancy history
  • Current pregnancy details
  • Relationship details
  • Your birth date
All information is stored and handled securely by me only on a password protected computer with the assistance of password protected programs. All information is stored and archived for 7 years at which point they are destroyed.
  1. Use of Personal Information
Your personal information may be disclosed/used in the event:
  • Of providing you appropriate services
  • Marketing – with your strict written consent
  • There is a requirement to provide your details by law i.e. where a subpoena, court order or discovery request is issued. Or where I have reasonable suspension of unlawful or misconduct occurring relating to my business/services/activities/family in relation to this
  • Third parties are directly involved in the provision of service/activities directly related to your service requirements
  • you have requested your details to be passed onto a third party. Where I disclose your personal information to third parties for these purposes, it will be a requirement that this third party follow this Privacy Policy regarding handling of your personal information prior to provision of information
In the event your details are disclosed to anyone, you will be informed. I am committed to protecting your information, especially that which is sensitive to yourself and your family and will always do my utmost to protect it as such. I am obliged and committed to abiding by Australian Privacy Laws.
  1.     Access to and correction of personal information
To access, correct or update any information provided to me throughout your service provision, please use the details below to get in contact. I am obliged to abide by the Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in certain circumstances may be required to restrict or refuse access to this information.
  1. Security and Safety
As stated previously all information will be stored safely and securely with password protected computer and programs. When disclosure is required this will be:
  • Need to know
  • Minimum provided to achieve desired result
Information will be used for analysis and marketing purposes combining your information provided with addition of:
  • Social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Google Analytics – website and email data
  • Mail Chimp – Email Data
  • SurveyMonkey – survey data
  • Personal contact details
If you wish to not be part of this process, please contact me. In the event of a breach of personal information:
  • I will make all effort to assess, minimise and act on damage, harm or loss of data/information
  • You will be notified in the event I believe your information has been released as part of a breach
  • I will be in contact with the Office of Information Commissioner to ensure appropriate process is taken
  • I will publicise a notification via email and website.
  1.     Complaints
If you believe that I have breached the Australian Privacy Principles or the terms set out in this Privacy Policy, please get in contact to discuss and rectify as soon as possible. If you wish to make a complaint about a breach or service, please contact me on my email below. I will endeavour to respond to all complaints in a timely manner within a 48hour timeframe. If you are not satisfied with my response or wish to discuss further, please seek a review with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. Further Information   For any questions or notice, please contact me: Benefiting Birth and Beyond Pty Ltd ACN 625 283 534 0428 799 898 Email:   All updates to this policy will be posted to the website Last update: October 2019