Brisbane's HypnoBirthing, Antenatal and Post birth classes

If you are birthing in any Brisbane hospital like Mater Mothers’ or RBWH in Brisbane and are looking to be supported in your birth journey with antenatal classes, you are in the right place!

Benefiting Birth and Beyond offer a range of birth classes to suit all families and all budgets.

We offer a 5 week HypnoBirthing course for families who want an in depth calm birth,

OR a 1 day Mindful Birthing antenatal class with Prenatal Yoga afterward (while Dad’s can have a beer, bond with other dads and have question time).

We also offer an elective c-section birth class tailored to you.  Because often birth classes are only focussed on labour.

Charlotte is a midwife with over 10 years experience in Brisbane based and national hospitals.  She is a mum of 3 boys, a HypnoBirthing certified practitioner, and someone who likes to make birth education fun!

Charlotte has attended many births and taught mothers who have birthed at many Brisbane Hospitals Including but not limited to ‘The Mater Mothers Brisbane’, and the ‘RWBH’.  Charlotte understands the hospital systems ins and outs. 

Yes you can have a calm and joyous birth. Our classes offer you and your parnter a well planned, more confident birthing experience. She hopes to empower your birth with confidence, however you plan to birth. 

Don’t leave your birth to chance. Read through some of our antenatal classes below.


Our Brisbane birth classes

Why prepare for Birth?

Australian women are having shorter antenatal appointments, and less prenatal and postnatal education. 

In addition, Australian hospitals are giving new mums less time to recover and are sending them back home quicker.

This may be ok if you’re a second or third time mum.  But as a first time parent, it’s no wonder mum’s and dads are feeling nervous and unsupported in their first weeks.  Read why I suggest to prepare as well as you can for your unborn baby.