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The most thorough and comprehensive childbirth education class around, whether you want an online experience, a group to get to know or the comfort of someone in your own space teaching you your specific needs, I have you covered! I want to help you achieve the birth you wish, whatever that looks like. Do you want a birth that is awesome, empowered and informed? Do you want to feel in control of the choices being made regarding your babies birth?


Hypnobirthing® classes ensure your birth is memorable for all the right reasons.  This HypnoBirthing course offers a complete birth education that covers all the physical AND mental elements of birth.

This gentle birth method teaches mothers to tap into and follow their own body’s innate knowledge to birth (which we’ve done over centuries).   Mothers learn how to follow their body’s own instincts, while birthing partners learn to support mums for an easier and calmer birth.

This HypnoBirthing Course is the original and longest-running HypnoBirthing® program founded by Marie Mongan in 1989.   The course is continuing to grow with ever-increasing positive results. It’s also the birth course Princess Kate chose to birth her three beautiful kids.


What you will learn in HypnoBirthing classes:

  • The history of childbirth and how women can birth instinctively.
  • Breathing and massage techniques for labor and birth.
  • How to prepare a birth plan.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques for labor and birth – think deep meditation state.
  • The benefits of bonding with your baby before and after birth.
  •  The important role of your birth partner as your support, and how they can advocate for you during birth.
  • Breastfeeding, what to expect during the Fourth Trimester, and much more.


Benefiting Birth and Beyond offers HypnoBirthing classes face-to-face in Ipswich and Brisbane West or online via ZOOM.

And this course is taught by a registered midwife, a mum of 3 children, and a registered HypnoBirthing educator.

Classes are two and half hours and run over 5 weeks.


Do you feel 110% prepared for welcoming your baby with joy, calm, and comfort?  Or generally, worried about labor and pain?

Don’t leave your birth to chance.  You and your baby deserve this amazing HypnoBirthing education.

Read more about HypnoBirthing classes here.

Additional information

Type of Class

Group Online $499, Group Face to Face $600, Private Class $950, Deposit


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