General Terms and Conditions

1.       Service

1.1      You have paid for Classes with myself (Charlotte from Benefiting Birth and Beyond). While I am a Registered Midwife and happy to discuss any aspect of your care or pregnancy with you, I do not have access to your medical records and am not an official Care Provider, so all advise needs to be considered and discussed with your appropriate care providers to deem whether it is relevant for yourself. I also encourage you to always do your own research on all aspects of your care and am happy to discuss this research with you or assist you with this at any time.

1.2      As part of my Classes we discuss birth planning and postpartum, while I am happy to chat over the phone about small extra information. For any in depth discussion regarding your personal preferences and considerations a further birth consult should be considered and organised.

2.       Payment

2.1      A deposit is required to secure your spot in any class. With full payment due prior to day of service except in instance of HypnoBirthing where full payment is required prior to third class.

2.2     Full refunds are supplied in the case of a premature birth or outcomes unforeseen at booking.

2.3    A booking fee of $40 will be kept in the event of change of mind with remaing provided if cancellation prior to a fortnight from class. Cancellations within a fortnight of class commencing will not be refunded.

3.       Missed Classes

3.1      If you cannot make a class please let me know ASAP. Refund details as above. For course terms see your individual terms and conditions. For private classes 3 days notice is required otherwise a further cost is involved.

3.2      It is understandable that sometimes things come up, and I am very happy to be flexible. Please remember though I have often organised care for my 3 kids and kept time free to accomadate you,my time is precious just like yours, so please respect it also.

4.       Change of Mind

4.1      If you change your mind, please see refund policy.

4.2     Where you have received materials prior to commencement of a class, you will be able to keep these at a cost of $50 (unless cancellation within 2 week period – see above).

5.       Feedback/Testimonial

5.1      I ask that all couples of all services provide a facebook testimonial, by doing so you give permission for me to copy this testimonial word for word to the website for display there also. I also ask that couples provide their birth story, for couples who consent, I also display this on the website for other families to see the positive birth experience they can also experience. No feedback, birth story or correspondence will be displayed or shared without express consent from the couple.

5.2      No correspondence, materials, additional handouts or information is to be shared outside of our meetings/classes with other potential clients, other practitioners or personnel. This information is to be shared with your health providers and birth team