Positioning for an easier Birth

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One of the quickest and easiest tools for drug free pain relief is positioning. Your body is amazing and knows the best way to labour, the best way to move baby and will indicate to you if your current position is helpful or not. While some mothers will move frequently throughout their labour, others will stay in the same position for a lengthy period of time until this is no longer ocmfortbale or helping. Listening to your body is key and trusting your instincts. While you may know the positions that aren’t comfortable, you may not know the positions to try which is where your midwife and support persons come in. Assisting you by making suggestions and providing assistance to move into these.

Ridley's birth

Benefits: mother led, easy to implement, equipment can be used but not required, birth supports can be used but not required

Risks: requires some mental preparation also, may take a few trials to find the position that works, position may not be comfortable for an extended period of time


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