The very quick birth of Isla Storm

As our due date started to creep closer and closer, and Daddy being told he had to head back to work earlier than expected, Mummy started to get itchy feet to meet our Baby! Off to acupuncture we went for the last 3 days which seemed to do the trick!

Around midnight on the 15th, and into the wee hours of the 16th, I was having contractions every hour. Very manageable so I let Chris sleep and I was able to sleep in between them as well which was great. As the morning went on, contractions were closer together but still irregular. So I did my make up and debated if I should vacuum the car.

At 11.15 am, I had a big contraction which got Chris running in to the bedroom from the lounge room, when my waters broke. Chris rang the hospital, I rang my sister who zoomed straight over. Thank you to the Moggill Ferry man who stopped any other passengers coming on and floored it for her to get to me.

I took some precious last moments to kiss and cuddle Jakey while he remained my only baby. An emotional and powerful moment. Jakey told me how proud he was.

By 12pm we were on the road to the hospital, arriving a bit after 12.30 pm to the Mater. I had strong, close contractions in the car and told Chris I couldn’t make it to the front door. He ran in and grabbed a wheel chair and we went straight in. No bags or any of our carefully selected items for labour, just the car keys and a very ready mumma!

We went to the Pregnancy Assessment Centre where they said they would like to examine me to see if I was ready for birth suite. I politely declined and let them know I was ready for birth suite… Now, please.

They took us down almost straight away as I continued to have large contractions in the wheel chair in the lounge area.

We got in to birth suite where things really kicked off. All I could tell them was that I was really hot. The midwife went to get ice with a stern warning before she left ‘now you are not allowed to have a baby while I’m gone’. She returned about 2 minutes later to me in my birthing position, knickers off, ready to go!

The midwife called the obstetrician again and mid conversation said “Never mind this baby is coming!” as I started to breath Isla down into the world.

Isla worked really well with me and we delivered her in just a couple of strong breaths. ♥️ No damage to mummy or baby, what a team!

They placed her straight onto me and I got to meet my beautiful daughter. I apologised to the midwives but also said ‘I told you she was coming’ .

The midwives (one extra had run in to assist poor Suzanne who had been on her own) said they absolutely loved our beautiful, calm delivery and actually thanked us!

Chris was an absolute champion, and cut the cord, seperating Isla from me, and marking that first step into the world. ♥️

We got to love and cuddle her in low light with beautiful music playing for about 2 hours in the birth suite which is exactly what we wanted.

There was no pain relief, and no hormone injections for the afterbirth – all physiological birthing which was amazing.

Chris and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We sat in birth suite with our daughter and reflected that it was just the most awesome experience.

Watching Chris become a father in the moments after she was born was so precious. He is a wonderful, doting father already and has changed more nappies than me! ♥️

Isla, we adore you. What a beautiful entry to the world, even if it was speedy! It was still calm and full of love.

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