What is HypnoBirthing? Webinar and Booklet

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Upcoming HypnoBirthing Classes

May 8th (5 week course)

Saturday 9.30am to midday.

June 26th (4 week course)

Saturday 9am – midday.

August 7th (5 week course)

Saturday 9am – midday.

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Who Am I?

I have been a midwife for 9 years.

I have been a mum for 7 years.

I have been educating parents how to have a Positive Birth for 2 years.

My passion is that every woman has an awesome birthing experience no matter how that occurs. That every partner is involved and an integral part of the labour and birth.

I want to help you take control of your pregnancy experience and stop worrying about all the “what ifs…”

Charlotte Hogarth

Benefiting Birth and Beyond