HypnoBirthing Family
Christy, Owen and Baby Lincoln

Christy – Registered Midwife – HypnoBirth baby Lincoln (2nd Bub), October 2017

” I would recommend any expecting mums and dads to do HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method classes with Charlotte. The program can really help mums and dads become informed about their birthing choices and prepare them to have a calm and empowered birth. The relaxation techniques taught by Charlotte can really help to have a calm relaxed pregnancy not just the birth, while bonding with your partner. Adjusting to parenthood is a major change and Charlotte can help with providing postnatal support and education as well, when you really need it.”

“Meeting Charlotte and learning about HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method had changed my whole perspective regarding pregnancy and birth. As soon as I found out I was pregnant (first time!) fear and uncertainty set in. I just assumed I’d go to hospital and they’d do everything. My coping mechanism was pretty much denial and that I’d deal with it when it happened!Alas, I kept thinking about it and the fear turned into anxiety which led me down a google search and discovering HypnoBirthing. I now no longer fear or have anxiety and feel totally confident in my bodies natural ability to birth my baby! Charlotte has been amazing and has gone above and beyond to help me not only wiht HypnoBirthing techniques but also understanding medical concerns etc. It’s so awesome that she’s a practicing midwife too! She’s always so supportive and happy to be phoned about any concerns. I’m due in April and can’t wait to birth and meet my first baby :)”

Cat – had a beautiful hypnobirth of baby Angus

Baby Thanks

Bel, Laci and Baby Luka

Birth Preparation Consult

“When I found out I had placenta previa and vasa praevia, Charlotte was happy to change our scheduled natural birth one-on-one HypnoBirthing classes to cesarean focused classes. She even formed the content of the classes to things I definitely wanted to cover and know more about.

 The information was comprehensive and also included a book, workbook and audio. Charlotte is a teacher you can trust, informative with her years of midwifery experience, always organised and on time, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her HypnoBirthing, birth planning and cesarean birthing classes to others.”

“Bel – Proud Mumma of baby Luka”

Teresa, Sean and Baby Lily

Birth Preparation Consult

“Charlotte was so informative and supportive. The information provided in the course was comprehensive and very helpful. Charlotte went above and beyond to make sure we had answers to all of our questions and felt confident going into the birth. She made herself so available to us first-time parents which was a huge source of comfort for us. Thanks Charlotte!”

“Teresa – HypnoBirthed first daughter Lily”

New Mother

Danika and Malcolm
PostBirth Class - Breastfeeding

Birth Preparation Consult

It was great to get come sensible advice on breastfeeding from an experienced midwife. Charlotte’s medical background really helped my husband get on board with what she was saying and we now have some great ideas for strategies to help me succeed this time round. 

Lauren and
Birth Preparation Consult
PostBirth Class - Breastfeeding

Birth Preparation Consult

Baby boy “Angus Darcy” was born on Thursday afternoon. A little bigger than anticipated…4.1kg! We are home from the hospital now and doing really well. 


I can’t thank you enough. Patrick and I felt totally calm and in control throughout the whole experience. Your guidance gave me the confidence to trust my body, slow down and have the strength to “push through” (literally haha) at the suggestion of  interventions or a c-section. 


Breastfeeding has been a dream! The nurses couldn’t believe he was my first baby. A complete credit to your teaching! 

Hanim and Evan - HypnoBirthing Group Classes

Birth Preparation Consult

“Charlotte was our teacher for Hypnobirthing to prepare for our first baby. I had quite a few fears around childbirth and I believed Hypnobirthing would be a suitable course to put my mind at ease. Charlotte is a fantastic teacher as she has a great range of skills and knowledge that compliments Hypnobirthing. Charlotte being a mother of 3, a midwife and a birth educator means she is an endless tap of knowledge. I found her classes comfortable and full of insight. After completing the Hypnobirthing course I felt confident and calm to birth my baby. My birth was calm, not painful and I was in control of my birth. I believe I can thank Charlotte for my wonderful and calm birth.”