Postpartum Package


Full Postpartum Package


  • Postnatal Class
  • Mama’s Tea
  • Energise Essential Oil 50ml Spray
  • 5 x Cloth Nappies


Postnatal Class

Postnatal classes are designed to help mummies postnatally with face to face classes in Bellbowrie. Designed to enable mums to not only survive but to enjoy the first 6 weeks of motherhood.

You will learn about the important topics of this time, the stuff you want to know about, breastfeeding, sleeping and adapting to  motherhood. PostBirth Education classes are personalised to each mum and bub attending class so each class is unique.

Consider the Postnatal period with your baby. We see beautiful cuddles, with a settled newborn who is totally adorable sleeping. We imagine a mum who is seen to have it all together, hair up, out of her pyjamas, house tidy. However, for the majority of us, this isn’t the case. For many mothers they may have little support, with growing trends towards FIFO families and many families living away from grandparents and family. How much research have you done into what having a newborn is like? Or have you been busy focusing on the important and immediate pregnancy and birth concerns first? What experience have you had with babies in your life? Do you have a realistic idea of what this is really going to look like?

How do Postnatal Education Classes help?

  • Increased understanding of what is going on with your baby at different stages
  • Better relationship with baby
  • Better relationship with others especially partner
  • More able to accept and rely on your own intuition and gut
  • Look at your baby as an individual in the same way you are and go forward appropriately

Energise Spray

Do you relax with certain smells?

Do you feel energised when you smell that first cup of coffee?

Feel comforted when you relax into your partner’s chest?

Focus with the smell of peppermint? Rosemary? Lemon?

Mama’s Milk Tea

Breast Milk… Liquid Gold!

Created with our naturopath to nourish breastfeeding Mamas, helping you provide the best for your precious bambino.

It is fragrant and nourishing for breastfeeding Mamas to enjoy.

Happy mama = Happy baby!

Tea bags are bio-degradable!

20 x Pyramid Tea Bags

All ingredients are caffeine free, vegan friendly and have no additives or sugars added.

Benefiting Birth and Beyond Cloth Nappies

The environmentally friendly option can often be more expensive and more time consuming, but this doesn’t have to be the case with cloth nappies.

With push studs, open pocket for inserts and a one size fits all design these are an amazing option for those wanting to be environmentally conscious without the inconvenience. Each order receives 1 x PUL print outershell with suede inner cloth + 1x 3layer microfiber bamboo liner PLUS an easy washing guide and guidance to further cloth nappy resources.


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