Labour and Birth Package


Labour and Birth Package


  • HypnoBirthing 5 week Program (private class is additional $250)
  • Raspberrry Leaf Tea
  • Pregnancy Tea
  • Essential Oil Labour Blend 30mls
  • Essential Oil Peri Spray 50mls



The most thorough and comprehensive childbirth education class around, whether you want an online experience, a group to get to know or the comfort of someone in your own space teaching you your specific needs, I have you covered! I want to help you achieve the birth you wish, whatever that looks like. Do you want a birth that is awesome, empowered and informed? Do you want to feel in control of the choices being made regarding your babies birth?

Benefits of HypnoBirthing Education
  • Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia and dehydration
  • Fewer interventions and surgical births
  • Decreased use of oxytocics or artificial rupture of membrane
  • Shorter first and second-phase of labour
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies
  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia
  • Happier and content mothers and babies
  • Babies alert; able to nurse almost immediately
  • No cases of post-partum depression reported
  • Infants with higher than average APGAR scores

Pregnancy Tea

This lovely wellness blend is a delicious way to nourish you and your bump. Perfect if you are looking to cut the caffeine and replace your morning cup of coffee with a cup of goodness. Best avoided in your first trimester.

Organic Ingredients: Oat Straw, Rosehip Shells, Lemon Verbena, Nettle, Ginger.

20 x Pyramid Tea Bags

Serving Suggestion:

Place 1 pyramid teabag or teaspoon of loose leaf in an infuser and into a cup

Add 250ml near boiling water

Allow to infuse for 7-10 minutes

Remove tea bag and enjoy!

Enjoy anytime morning, afternoon and night.

Serve hot or cold over ice as a refreshing iced tea.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Prime and nourish your Inner Temple!

We have created this delicious blend because Mamas need looking after too, especially when preparing to welcome your precious bambino into the world.

Raspberry Leaf has been used for centuries to support, prepare and help with recovery after welcoming your little one into the world.

It is a natural and delicious way to prepare and support your inner temple for the big day and beyond…

20 x Pyramid Tea Bags

Contains Organic Loose Leaf: Raspberry leaf, Peppermint & Stinging Nettle

Serving Suggestion:

Place 1 teaspoon or teabag of Raspberry Leaf Blend into a teapot or infuser

Add 250ml near boiling water

Allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes

Strain & serve

Enjoy anytime of the day or night.

Serve hot or cold over ice as a refreshing iced tea.

Labour Essential Oil Blend & Peri Essential Oil Spray

Do you relax with certain smells?

Do you feel energised when you smell that first cup of coffee?

Feel comforted when you relax into your partner’s chest?

Focus with the smell of peppermint? Rosemary? Lemon?

Labour Blend – designed to assist with regulating and strengthening contractions, only to be used after 37weeks.

Peri Blend – designed for peri massage in the preparation for birth as well as alleviating discomfort and bruising in the postpartum phase


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