The most thorough and comprehensive childbirth education class around, whether you want an online experience, a group to get to know or the comfort of someone in your own space teaching you your specific needs, I have you covered! I want to help you achieve the birth you wish, whatever that looks like. Do you want a birth that is awesome, empowered and informed? Do you want to feel in control of the choices being made regarding your babies birth?



The original HypnoBirthing® program founded by Marie Mongan in 1989 and continuing now with ever increasing positive results. Providing HypnoBirthing Education in Ipswich and Brisbane West, this gentle birth method teaches birthing mothers to tap into and follow thier own body’s wisdom. Mothers learn how to follow their body’s own instincts, while birthing partners learn to support mums for an easier and calmer birth.

This award winning gentle childbirth education program, HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method has stood the test of time with over 26 years of experience, research and impressive results in over 50 countries around the world. Designed with not only mum in mind but also dad/partners so both parents can become educated, confident and informed welcoming their baby with joy, calm and comfort.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing Education

  • Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia and dehydration
  • Fewer interventions and surgical births
  • Decreased use of oxytocics or artificial rupture of membrane
  • Shorter first and second-phase of labour
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies
  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia
  • Happier and content mothers and babies
  • Babies alert; able to nurse almost immediately
  • No cases of post-partum depression reported
  • Infants with higher than average APGAR scores

Additional information

Type of Class

Group Online $499, Group Face to Face $600, Private Class $950, Deposit


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