Full Pregnancy, HypnoBirthing and postnatal class package


Full Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Package


  • Birth Consult (To birth)
  • HypnoBirthing 5 week Program
  • Postnatal Class Prerecorded
  • Your choice of Mama’s Tea x 3 (Chill Out Mama, Pregnancy, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Calming, Mama’s Milk)
  • Labour Essential Oil Roller 10ml
  • Energise Essential OIl Spray 50ml
  • Sample Cloth Nappy Pack (5 x Cloth Nappies)


The most comprehensive childbirth/Hypnobirthing package you can invest in. All taught by a registered midwife and certified HypnoBirthing educator.

Nothing will be left to chance in this birth package.  Included is a private Birth consult to establish what you see as the perfect birth for you., HypnoBirthing classes (our world-renowned birth classes), and Postnatal classes (to make sure you are prepared for your and bub’s needs when bub comes home).

Also included is a support contact guide you each step of the way, Pregnancy or Labour Tea and essential oils blends to accompany you.

Birth Consult

  • Do you know what you want your birth to look like?
  • What do you want your partner and birth team to be doing while you’re in labour?
  • Do THEY know what you want?
  • What are you and your partner doing to prepare together and ensure you are on the same page?
  • Have you considered what birth equipment is available for you and how it can be used? TENS Machine?  Birthing ball?

Our Birth Consult is a one-on-one private birth consultation with a registered midwife.  We discuss every aspect of your birth preferences and your options for birth. Whether you are birthing within a private or public hospital, a birth centre or at home.

We help you create a birth plan and discuss pain-reducing pros and cons so that you can feel ready, comfortable and capable of birthing your baby, especially when things change?

HypnoBirthing Classes Brisbane and Ipswich (Or online via ZOOM).

The most thorough and comprehensive childbirth education class around.

Whether you want a class in-person in Brisbane or Ipswich. We have a private class taught in the comfort of your own home, or an online HypnoBirthing class taught via ZOOM, Whatever your preference we have the class that will be just right for you.

I want to help you achieve the birth you wish, whatever that looks like.

Our HypnoBirthing Couples say that this is the best investment they’ve ever made for birth and for parenting! You don’t need to go through birth feeling frightened, controlled and traumatised. Birth should not be that way. Let us support you to feel amazing in labour, no matter how your birth plays out.

More information on our HypnoBirthing Classes and what’s involved.

Postnatal Class

Postnatal classes are designed to help mummies postnatally with face to face classes in Bellbowrie. Designed to enable mums to thrive and enjoy the first 6 weeks of motherhood.

You will learn about the important topics of this time, the stuff you want to know about, breastfeeding, sleeping and adapting to motherhood. PostBirth Education classes are personalised to each mum and bub attending class so each class is unique.

Don’t dread the first few weeks of being a new mum.  Be as well prepared as you can be with postnatal classes for mums and dads.

More details on our Postnatal classes.


Mama’s Tea

Your Choice of Pregnancy Tea, Chill Out Mama Tea, Calming Tea, Raspberry Leaf Tea and Mama’s Milk Tea – there is a Tea for EVERY part of your journey through pregnancy, labour preparation, birth, postpartum and motherhood.

Essential Oil Blends

Do you feel energised when you smell that first cup of coffee?

Feel comforted when you relax into your partner’s chest?

Or focus better on the smell of Peppermint? Rosemary? or Lemon?


Whether you want an energising spritz or a subtle roller for pregnancy, For labour or postpartum. I have you covered.

Personalised blends are available on request, please contact.

We have a Labour Blend, Clary Sage (aids oxytocin production and induces labour), Lavender (for calming), Ylang Ylang (reduces anxiety), Energise and Citrus of your choice / Peppermint.



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