Full Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Package


Full Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Package


  • Birth Consult (To birth)
  • HypnoBirthing 5 week Program
  • Postnatal Class Prerecorded
  • Your choice of Mama’s Tea x 3 (Chill Out Mama, Pregnancy, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Calming, Mama’s Milk)
  • Labour Essential Oil Roller 10ml
  • Energise Essential OIl Spray 50ml
  • Sample Cloth Nappy Pack (5 x Cloth Nappies)


Birth Consult

  • Do you know what you want your birth to look like?
  • What you want your partner and birth team to be doing?
  • Do THEY know?
  • How are you preparing your mind and body for birth?
  • What are you and your partner doing to prepare together and ensure you are on the same page?
  • Have you considered what equipment is available and how it can be used?

Would you like the opportunity to discuss every aspect of your birth preferences so that you can feel ready, comfortable and capable of making decisions through your birth especially when things change?


The most thorough and comprehensive childbirth education class around, whether you want an online experience, a group to get to know or the comfort of someone in your own space teaching you your specific needs, I have you covered! I want to help you achieve the birth you wish, whatever that looks like. Do you want a birth that is awesome, empowered and informed? Do you want to feel in control of the choices being made regarding your babies birth?

Postnatal Class

Don’t dread those first few weeks of confusion and sleep deprivation, be prepared!Feel calm, confident and excited about this gentle and enjoyable time with your new family.Prepare with postnatal classes.​

Postnatal classes are designed to help mummies postnatally with face to face classes in Bellbowrie. Designed to enable mums to not only survive but to enjoy the first 6 weeks of motherhood.

You will learn about the important topics of this time, the stuff you want to know about, breastfeeding, sleeping and adapting to  motherhood. PostBirth Education classes are personalised to each mum and bub attending class so each class is unique.

Mama’s Tea

Your Choice of Pregnancy Tea, Chill Out Mama Tea, Calming Tea, Raspberry Leaf Tea and Mama’s Milk Tea – there is a Tea for EVERY part of your journey through pregnancy, labour preparation, birth, postpartum and motherhood.

Essential Oil Blends

Do you relax with certain smells?

Do you feel energised when you smell that first cup of coffee?

Feel comforted when you relax into your partner’s chest?

Focus with the smell of peppermint? Rosemary? Lemon?


Whether you want an energizing spritz or a subtle roller for pregnancy, for labour, postpartum, whether it is you or your partner, I have you covered.

Personalized blends available on request, please contact.

Labour Blend

Clary Sage, Lavender, Ylang Ylang


Citrus of your choice / Peppermint


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