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PostBirth Education Classes Ipswich and Brisbane

Childbirth education brisbane and ipswich
Don’t dread those first few weeks of confusion and sleep deprivation, be prepared!
Feel calm, confident and excited about this gentle and enjoyable time with your new family.
Prepare with PostBirth Education Classes.
Consider the PostBirth period with your baby. We see beautiful cuddles, with a settled newborn who is totally adorable sleeping. We imagine a mum who is seen to have it all together, hair up, out of her pyjamas, house tidy. However, for the majority of us, this isn’t the case. For many mothers they may have little support, with growing trends towards FIFO families and many families living away from grandparents and supports. Many have not done too much research into what having a newborn is like, focusing on important and immediate pregnancy and birth concerns first. So many women have not dealt with babies or newborns at all in their life prior to having their own. All leading to a myriad of issues, unrealistic expectations, lack of education, (well meaning) but often completely outdated advice which can lead to depression, anxiety and major relationship strain.So what can be achieved by having some more information? What are the benefits of PostBirth Education Classes?
  • Increased understanding of what is going on with your baby at different stages
  • Better relationship with baby
  • Better relationship with others especially partner
  • More able to accept and rely on your own intuition and gut
  • Look at your baby as an individual in the same way you are and go forward appropriately

Post Birth Videos

What is involved with PostBirth Education Classes?


  • Baby Sleep Patterns
  • Self Settling and Routines
  • SIDs and Co Sleeping
  • Car Recommendations
  • Coping with Sleep Deprivation and the change
"It was great to get come sensible advice on breastfeeding from an experienced midwife. Charlotte's medical background really helped my husband get on board with what she was saying and we now have some great ideas for strategies to help me succeed this time round."
Danika Armstrong


  • Body Changes
  • Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • Follow up
  • Lifestyle – Exercise and Diet
  • Safe Sleeping
  • Car Travel
  • Keeping Baby Clean
  • Babywearing


  • Normal feeding patterns
  • Considerations for breastfeeding
  • Fact or fiction
  • Storage and use of breastmilk
  • Bottle Feeding
  • Breastfeeding Problems – mum and baby
  • Output – normal/not
  • How to know if baby is getting enough
  • Weaning
  • Follow up
  • Additional Resources

PostBirth Education classes are designed to help mummies postnatally with face to face classes in Bellbowrie. Designed to enable mums to not only survive but to enjoy the first 6 weeks of motherhood.

Education is based around the important aspects of this time, breastfeeding, sleeping and adapting to different aspects of motherhood. PostBirth Education classes are personalised to the needs of each mum and bub attending class so each class is unique. Through talking to each mum, the class is designed to support her needs and ensuring her questions are answered.

PostBirth classes are only 1.5 hrs and discounts are offered if more than one class is required.

PostBirth Education Classes are held every second month.

Each class costs $75/couple with private classes $100/couple.

I encourage you to bring your little one along and older children.

Snacks, Tea and Coffee Provided after the class.

These PostBirth Education classes are ideal for mums in the first 6 weeks post birth or mums approaching their due date.


preparing for baby
newborn preparation

Alternatively videos and handouts are now available in Recorded Powerpoint form for $40 each.

baby development

Development in the
First 6 Months

  • The last 50 years the average fertility rate has dropped from 3.5 to just less than 2 children. For numerous reasons we are having less children so this time to enjoy them while they are little is so important!
  • The last 10 years families where both parents work has increased by 10%, with a 6% decrease in stay at home mums. Therefore for most of us this precious postbirth period is short lived so you want to enjoy it.
  • In 2005 11% of mothers had gone back to work by 3 mths, 22% by 6 months and 44% by 12mths
  • The average overall leave amount is 32 weeks (approximately 7.5mths). That just goes to show that depending on whether you have to go back to work (which many of us do) and what those reasons are you may only have a limited time with just you baby and you, before the it becomes more of a juggling act.
  • 1 in 7 women experience postnatal depression

Upcoming PostBirth Classes

Antenatal Class Ipswich

Each class is individually catered to those who have booked.

Location: Bellbowrie. Address on booking.

July 7th Sunday 1 – 2.30pm

September 21st 1 – 2.30pm

November 16th Sunday 9 – 10.30am

Breastfeeding, Sleeping, Adapting to Motherhood. Express your interest when booking via the contact page.

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