Pregnancy Preparation
" When I found out I had placenta previa and vasa praevia, Charlotte was happy to change our scheduled natural birth one-on-one HypnoBirthing classes to cesarean focused classes. She even formed the content of the classes to things I definitely wanted to cover and know more about. The information was comprehensive and also included a book, workbook and audio. Charlotte is a teacher you can trust, informative with her years of midwifery experience, always organised and on time, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her HypnoBirthing, birth planning and cesarean birthing classes to others."
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Are you planning a C Section?
Want to feel positive and informed?

Want to feel in control of your birth experience? Know what is happening? Know what is coming next?

Do you want to know what is involved with a C Section? How the day will look? How to recover from a Cesarean?

Join an empowering C Section Day, a Birth Education 1 day Workshop, specific to your needs and creating a positive and empowering experience for yourself and your partner.

Benefits of an Empowering C Section Day

  • Better understanding of Birth for you and your partner
  • Less fear surrounding the beautiful birth of your baby/ies
  • More informed and aware of special considerations
  • Well prepared for day and postpartum
  • More relaxed for procedure and better healing
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What is included?

  • Importance of mindset and positive expectation for birth of baby
  • Relaxation for healing
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Procedure for a caesarean
  • What is happening during a caesarean
  • Considerations for a Caesarean Birth
  • Gut health for baby
  • Recovering from Caesarean Birth
  • Birth Preferences

Workshop Dates
Workshops run 9am to 4pm. Lunch and snacks included, please advise of any special dietary requirements when booking.
Price for Group Workshop: $275/couple
Private Cesarean Birth Education Workshops also available in your own home for additional cost (times may vary with private classes based on education required).
Starting from $350 depending on travel.

Lunch and Morning Tea
Goody Bag including brochures, samples and my favourite products for pregnancy and baby
Handout booklet
Relaxation Audio
Phone, email and face to face follow up