Birth Stories

Olivia’s Birth Story

We had baby Olivia at the end of January, and we’re so in love with her. Her labour day went (almost) exactly as planned. I started getting surges at 4am and just breathed through them as they got more intense. I even managed to have a nap, listen to some music, watch a comedy (yay endorphins) and have a bath. She, did, however, turn posterior while I was having the bath because I started having really bad lower back discomfort.

Despite this addition, I had my drug-free birth! I used a tennis ball and TENS machine for my back. When it got too intense at home in the evening, we headed to hospital and everything happened really quickly. I had sterile water injections (hurt a bit going in but helped so much), my water broke as I was on the toilet and a quick exam showed that I was fully dilated. We got to meet our drug-free, alert baby 30 minutes later! She didn’t even cry when she was born.

Even though the lower back discomfort was really, really painful, it was actually a blessing in disguise as it got us to leave for the hospital when we did. My surges didn’t quite intensify and quicken like they normally do so we kept getting told to stay at home. And we were happy to do so as I was just breathing through my contractions…

Thanks so much for helping us have such a positive and amazing birth. It was even better than either of us could have imagined. It really helped Dan prepare for the birth and stay calm throughout it. There were so many times that his calmness helped me and I couldn’t have done in without him.

Hash and Dan with 1st HypnoBirthing bub Olivia

HypnoBirthing Brisbane
preparing for birth of baby

HypnoBirth of Lily

My surges started about 10am on the 7th of October, but they were so mild I was only just aware of them and wasn’t sure whether they were practice surges or not. At this point they were 8 minutes apart and I settled in at home on the couch hopefully to wait for baby’s arrival. At 3pm, the surges were at 3 minutes apart and I commenced losing my show at this point.

I contacted Charlotte at this time to touch base and receive some comfort and  to ask some questions to make sure I was on the right track. My show continued to loosen over the coming hours and by 9pm I felt I needed to see someone to touch base. We made our way to the hospital to see the midwives.

The midwives held off doing an internal, instead watching my behavior on arrival. After discussion we agreed to an internal to see where we were at, I was 2cm. I was given the option of a bed on the ward or making our way home to await events in comfort. We opted for the latter, trying to take on the midwives suggestion to get some sleep in the comfort of our bed. We arrived home about midnight and I went to bed.

After an hour, I knew it was time to make our way in again. All of this time I was using my breathing techniques, trying to keep calm and relaxed.

On arrival, I settled in the intensity of my surges. It was like my body knew we were settling us into where our baby was to be born and I could begin to focus without the distraction of moving from one place to the next. I was 5cm on assessment and felt an urge to start birth breathing not long after. I breathed through this with the reassurance and encouragement of my midwives and was 9cm by 5.30am.

Breathing baby down felt not only easier but much less intense. From my last exam it was not long before we met our little girl Lily at 6.43am 8 October born a very healthy 4.1kgs. We could not have been happier with her.

We were lucky enough to have 45mins wonderful minutes of skin to skin, however, due to a short cord could not breastfeed during this time. The cord was detached and I was able to breastfeed our little girl. At an hour and 15mins the placenta was still in situ with no signs of separating and my blood loss was bordering on high, so we made the decision to move to an active third stage management. The placenta was delivered at an hour and a half but I continued to lose some more blood. At this point more staff were called in to ensure safety and daddy and bub went to have some time to themselves in the bathroom in the peace and quiet. I was sorted promptly and with great respect and we were once again a family.

I know looking back that the whole experience would have been a very scary and confronting had we not had the education from HypnoBirthing and from Charlotte. Knowing our options, both of us feeling completely prepared and knowing we can always ask questions and say no was not only comforting but empowering. This was especially true considering our final birthing aspect when despite not being completely normal, we still felt we understood what was going on and why things needed to happen they way they did.

We loved our HypnoBirthing breathing techniques and listened especially to the affirmations track during labour and birth. We adapted my preferred instant relaxation technique to my needs during labour with great affect.

While at times I wasn’t sure I would be able to have a drug free birth as I do describe my birth as painful and I did still have a few worries when labour commenced. I did in fact have the beautiful, drug free, empowered birth I had envisioned.

Teresa and Sean – parents of Lily

Sophie's Birth

My surges started early in the afternoon, we decided early on to take our eldest child to her allocated child carer for “the day” quite early on. Our previous birth had not taken long so we wanted to be prepared for a potential repeat. We made our way into the hospital later that night where they “insisted” on an internal. I had decided as part of my birth preparation that this was not something I was interested in nor something I wanted as part of my labour. I declined and was informed that to be admitted to birth suite I would have to submit. I sent Charlotte a message to ask her opinion and hear her thoughts, she sent a very detailed message back of the questions to ask, different aspects to consider and reminded me of my BRAINS. I again declined and we decided to stay on the grounds as I knew baby was arriving tonight.

On our second presentation to the assessment unit not long after, they reluctantly agreed to let me go through to birth suite without an internal assessment. The poor staff didn’t know what to do as I listened to my rainbow relaxation, maintained my breathing techniques and used my instant relaxation techniques to stay calm, relaxed and maintain my progress. I’m not sure they believed I was having a baby. It was not long before I felt my breathing change to Birth Breathing assisting bubs progression down and into my arms.

We delivered Sophie at 3.49am 2 August at a beautifully healthy 4.1kg, a birth we had not only hoped for but planned for. While our previous birth had involved lots of little deviations that had resulted in a birth we didn’t feel we had made all the decisions for, this birth I felt was mine. I made every decision and I delivered my baby, with my birth team, in the way I wanted by the means I wanted. Not only did I feel empowered, I felt and still feel strong and confident.

I do believe that the Hypnobirthing was the best for our baby as her first moments on the planet she was so alert and very happy l. I think the oxygen she received defiantly aided this. She is still a very happy and alert little one.

Andy (Mum of Sophie)

New Mother
Teresa and Baby Lily