The benefits of HypnoBirthing?
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When we get inquiries about our HypnoBirthing classes, soe couples are 100% sure they want to do it, while others sit on the fence.

When we get ineuqiries about our HypnoBirthing Classes, some couples are 100% sure they want to do this course, while others sit on the fence and want to know the Benefits.

‘Are HypnoBirthing classes worth it?’

‘Why should I choose HypnoBirthing’ over other birth classes?

‘What are the Benefits of HypnoBirthing for me and my family?’

Babies come with a long list of items to purchase – a cot, nappies, clothing, books, car seats….. What makes this course so much better than the others?

We get it, We understand this question.  It’s not the cheapest birth course around!

However, as experienced birth educators, we know that regular antenatal classes with a birth plan just aren’t enough to support new families.

We know that giving birth and welcoming home a new baby is one biggest transitions in a woman’s life, as well as dads, or partners.

It is not just the birth of a baby, it is the birth of a mom and a family as well.  HypnoBirthing prepares you and your family for that life
change.  Teaching the most comprehensive birth course so you can be prepared for whatever situation presents in labour.

Couples who do HypnoBirthing report:

·        Reduced anxiety for labor (and positive birth stories)

·         quicker labor

·        Less need for pain relief during labor.

·        Less medical intervention

·        Stronger bonds with your baby

·        Happier moms.  Less trauma during birth means fewer moms getting
baby blues and PND.

·        Totally pain-free Hypnobirths are also not uncommon.


The question really comes down to you – How prepared do you want to be?
Are you happy to leave your birth to chance? Or do you want to reap the Benefits of HypnoBirthing?

Still not sure?  Watch our HypnoBirthing taster webinar below:

Benefits of HypnoBirthing:

This webinar may take a minute or two to load, so please be patient...

Once you’ve finished watching the HypnoBirthing taster webinar, you’re ready to complete our HypnoBirthing PDF download.


By filling out this printout, you will get a better understanding of the type of birth you want.  What preconceived ideas you have around birth,  and how HypnoBirthings techniques can benefit you and your mindset to having a more calm and relaxed birth.


Upcoming HypnoBirthing Classes

Saturday Mornings

August 20th – September 10th (4week) – 9am – midday

October 8th – November 5th (5 week)

November 19th – December 10th (4 week) – 9am – midday


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