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Antenatal Education 1 Day Workshop for Ipswich and Brisbane West

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This has been such a good experience during my pregnancy. My partner and I are able to bond beautiful with our unborn child and I have never felt more calm and in control for my future labour. Charlotte is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to really sit down and chat to everyone’s individual needs.”               Victoria and Alex


“Professional, knowledgeable and caring”                Trish Cumming


Are you looking for a more comprehensive, complete, research based, face to face Antenatal Education program for Ipswich and Brisbane West? Join our Antenatal Education Weekend Workshops in Bellbowrie, 1 day course available with follow up support, phone, email and face to face if required.

Benefits of an Antenatal Education 1 Day Workshop
  • Better understanding of your body during Labour and Birth for you and your birth team
  • Less fear surrounding the mechanisms of labour and birth of your baby/ies
  • More informed and aware of hospital policy and intervention
  • Thorough understanding of benefits and risks of pharmacological and non pharmacological pain relief
  • Knowledge of a number of pregnancy and labour comforts
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During this course you will learn:
  • The importance of preparation mentally, physically and emotionally
  •  How does your body prepare for birth without your knowledge
  • What your birthing options?
  • What is labour?
  • What is birth?
  • Techniques to assist in a normal labour and birth
  • What role does your birth team play?
  • What drugs are on offer, what are the benefits and risks?
  • Birth “Planning/Preferences”

Antenatal Education 1 Day Workshop Dates
Saturday July 6th
Saturday October 19th

Workshops run 9am to 4pm. Lunch and snacks included, please advise of any special dietary requirements when booking.

Price for Group Workshop: $300/couple
Private Workshops also available in your own home for additional cost (times may vary with private classes based on education required).
Starting from $375 depending on travel.

Lunch and Morning Tea
Goody Bag with brochures, samples and my favourite products for pregnancy and baby
Handout booklet
Phone, email and face to face follow up
PostBirth Debrief/Discussion and Baby cuddle

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